Projected capacitive touch screen (PCAP)

Projected capacitance technology resists heavy blows, vandalism and scratches. It also prevents extreme heat, rain, snow and even cleaning products. This makes this touch screen technology ideal for outdoor applications.

In today's era, capacitive touch screens are widely used in various industries, and can be used in POS, self-service terminals, medical or industrial, etc.

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Select Picture Model_No Brand Size Brightness Resolution Viewing_angle Lamp_Type Signal_interface Application Aspect_Ratio Original_HB With_Touch_Function With_Metal_Cover
JFC238TM.V1 JFCVision 23.8 inch 350 cd/m2 3840*2160 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D) WLED - KIOSK - - Touchscreen YES
JFC215TM.V2 JFCVision 21.5 inch 500 cd/m2 1920*1080 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D) WLED - KIOSK - - Touchscreen YES
JFC185TM.V0 JFCVision 18.5 inch 250 cd/m2 1920*1080 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D) WLED - KIOSK - - Touchscreen YES
JFC320TM.V1 JFCVision 31.5 inch 300 cd/m2 3840*2160 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D) WLED V-By-One KIOSK - - Touchscreen YES
JFC270M.V0 JFCVision 27 inch 300 cd/m2 1920*1080 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D) WLED LDVS KIOSK - - Touchscreen YES
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